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Have you quit walking and taking your pup places due to the way they act?

Has your pup injured you or others with their jumping, pulling, or craziness?

Do you lock up your pup every-time you have company coming over?

Does your pup have extreme fear or anxiety?

Does your pup know all the commands, but does not all ways do them?

Is your pup starting to show aggression toward other dogs or people?

You are adding a new dog to your family adoption or puppy!

We make pups a more enjoyable member of the family!

Welcome to Off Leash K9 Training Austin & Central Texas we understand the struggles you are having with your dog because we have been there too. Whether you are struggling with behavioral issues or just want to get started off on the right foot with your new dog or puppy, we are here and happy to help!

Dogs have a language all of their own and our goal is to help owners bridge the gap in communication. The first step to strengthening our relationship with our dogs is realizing that you feel hopeless and frustrated and may not know what to do. Let our experience help you with your dog and make your relationship that much better! Our unique methods of balanced dog training brings peace and harmony into the lives of committed clients and their families, who understand that real change is possible when the right approach to their dog's behavior is consistently applied and practiced.

We will help you resolve a variety of dog behavioral issues like anxiety, fear, Dog /people Reactive (Aggression), not listening, jumping up, barking, biting, chewing, running away, chasing the cat, pulling on leash, and not coming when called. Our programs include teaching basic dog obedience, such as proper leash walking, sit, down, place, extended sit/down, and recall to puppies and adult dogs alike! We also train off leash advanced obedience with low level remote collar training, where your dog will respond to you off leash with high levels of distraction. Big or small, your dog can learn and listen to you - in public, around distractions, off-leash, and without having to always have a treat to get your dog's good behavior! Our techniques encompass our core beliefs and philosophy of consistency, fairness and crystal clear communication that will teach your dog to be a well behaved member of society in any situation.

Meet us and ask us your questions in person! Contact us to book your FREE evaluation today!

We believe that training your companion is an investment of time and money, which will pay dividends for you and your dog for the rest of his/her life. All of our lessons are private, one-on-one with you and your dog so we can address your specific concerns. We train your dog, but we also train you to be a better handler which helps strengthen your bond built on trust and communication.

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Cities We Serve:

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