Dog Trainers & Puppy Trainers Austin TX

Selene is the owner and head trainer at Off Leash K9 Training Austin & Central Texas. Growing up, Selene developed a deep love for animals. It wasn’t unusual for her to come home with strays she found. It was because of her interest in animals at such a young age that she developed a passion for them. Over the years, she turned that passion into action by working to help shelter dogs be adopted into forever homes.

In 2013, Selene and her daughter, Julia, added a Pitbull terrier rescue dog named Kailo to their family. Kailo won over their hearts with his high energy and unconditional love. Selene needed help with some of his high energy behaviors and learning obedience, soon his training became the inspiration for her to start her dog training business. Her experience with Kailo helped her explore and learn more about dogs and their complex behaviors.

Each dog has a unique personality, temperament, and behavior pattern. Training these animals requires consistency, fairness, and clear communication. Selene has an incredible dog training system that will make you love being a dog owner again!



Selene & Kailo